goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

ship of dreams

goldmourn (9/22/2006 7:37:05 AM): sleep is improving. dreams are detailed. i had a ship last night that flew that i was saving people with. it had the ability to have improvements made with just a thought --- force field and invisible barrier to prevent people from falling off / out of it & from attacks or other things getting through ... the first person i saved was my father.

I was lucid dreaming (I thought the ship idea was cool) although it didn't begin that way. From what I recall, there was some sort of attack on humankind by monsters and aliens. Anyone captured would be destroyed. This was something sweeping the entire planet bit by bit. This is where a ship (like 'Pirates of the Caribbean') came in - a flying ship - and to cope with the horror of seeing people obliterated, I went lucid and started making the ship be more magical. I was able to simply think of something and make it happen. For instance, the ship would have innumerable rooms inside it (one of those bigger on the inside than the outside illusions - like in 'Harry Potter' where you go in the tent and it is a huge cottage). I could also make the rooms anything I wanted - a library, a pool, a replica of a park, anything! - and I thought it out that for each person rescued, I could will their room into existence. The safety barrier was me being a worrier who didn't want people flying off the boat and also, because I knew we'd still be open to attack if the monsters / aliens came at us. This barrier would protect everyone, no matter where on the ship, and you were safe as soon as you got inside it. This didn't stop you from seeing everything going on around you though. This was actually helpful because then you wouldn't crash into buildings and also, you could rescue people easier by getting up close to where they were. And yes, I wanted to rescue others. My dad was the first person I pulled onto the ship. (He brought his cat Freddie - Lion and Hagrid were already there with me). And who was second? Why, it was dad's friend Laurel and her son Adam! Yes, in all the world, we went to save them next. Adam had his laptop and yes, I told him, the ship was totally capable of operation computers and other devices, while also having running water and such. Anything we could think of. Laurel wanted to save her family - her daughter and grandchildren - and I was thinking of all the other people I'd want to save too (even internet friends in other parts of the world!) and so as I tried to think of each person, I was waking up. Don't worry, I wouldn't leave anyone behind. While I was waking up (sitting on the toilet) I started thinking of the ethical dilemmas and other problems this sort of ship would have. I mean, sure, we could have innumerable people and animals on board because the ship could expand with just a thought in my mind to accommodate everyone, but as I sat there, I thought, what about the people no one thinks about? I didn't quite like the unnatural selection of it.
Tags: dreams & nightmares

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