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When The Levees Broke is on again. It's the best documentary film I've seen yet about Hurricane Katrina & New Orleans.

The film covers all areas affected - not just New Orleans. This is an incredibly detailed film w/ a variety of viewpoints.

On being called Refugees by the media: What, the storm blew away our citizenship as well?

Doesn't it break your heart?

The Army Corps Engineering Report 6000 pages long admitted it was a human failure with the levee breech - constructed poorly

due to money - money money money - what is human life worth?

It was like having a mirror put in front of you that shows all your flaws & you can't look away. This reflects everything.

It's too easy to blind your senses to the contributing factors that erode our potential of being a good society that cares.

The insurance aspect pisses me off unbelievably. Blatant example of business disregard for the people who make their wealth.

Think of the money to be made in industrial devolopment: there's a reason residential cleanup has been haphazard: no profit.

And the levees still are not safe. So much more than levees were broken.
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