goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

lesson: do not leave things hanging before bed?

I'm awake (or am I?) and about to answer a few emails but first, the remnants of dreaming. I gave myself a 'choose your own adventure' ending (because I let myself sleep quite late today) and wow, am I ever selfish!

So it's some sort of adventure quest nightmare dream. The ending was that the partner I had throughout my night of dreaming returned to his wife and child and I to a gray house with the rest of the characters. It wasn't a bad way to leave things as there were friends and family there (strangers, of course, like all the people in this dream). But then I started going lucid, only it didn't make me feel any better at all! Second ending, the warrior goes home with me but what happens to his wife and child? They are in a dirty village outside an under siege castle. Worse yet, the woman is among hundreds of other poor souls taken to these long rope swings, told to hold on (if they can) and hung over a tremendous cavernous hole. The idea is for you to not have the strength to hold on, so you're sent spiraling down screaming into the depths. How horrid. So I tried to make it easier on them by figuring it out that after a certain period of time, the ropes are pulled up and people do survive. Hardly a comforting thought though. I saw her child, a boy, go running toward his returned father but he accidentally ran off the edge. What was that about? Am I evil? Enough was enough. I felt terribly guilty and so I requested a do-over; the wife and husband warrior were reunited with child and I found myself back in a now empty house.

I wondered where my friends had gone. Were they left hanging?
Tags: dreams & nightmares

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