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my favourite albums according to

1. matthew good ~ 'avalanche'
Sure, the radio played 'Weapon' and 'In A World Called Catastrophe' but wow, if you didn't have the album, you were missing the experience. I can listen to this all the way through. If I was made to pick one favourite song, it would be 'While We Were Hunting Rabbits' but I won't pick favourites because I love the whole work.

I want to buy it on vinyl, it's that good.

2. Kathleen Edwards ~ 'Back To Me'
I was hooked on ZeD when I lived at my old apartment, back when the only tv station I had (& watched) was CBC. (Also a time when I listened to CBC Radio One a lot too - I miss the program 'Northern Lights' and hearing BBC World News Service through the night). Back to Kathleen Edwards, I first saw her do the song 'Six O’clock News' on ZeD. I'd not heard of her before but loved her sound. Fast forward to me living in my new apartment, across the street from a music store, (when I was in the small town I could only buy recent popular cds @ the pharmacy for over $20 bucks each and the selection was sparse), well, I saw this album and yay, it is mine. I'd heard the song 'Back To Me' played on CBC during the strike and thought, wow! and the announcer said there was a story behind the song, that Edwards had been inspired to write it by things creepy stalkers had said to her. I don't know if it's true or not, but that stayed with me. I love the whole album, but especially the songs "Away" and "Old Time Sake".

3. The Black Eyed Peas ~ 'Monkey Business'
Okay. So the radio was playing 'Don't Phunk With My Heart'. I loved it. Saw the album @ the pharmacy, paid the big bucks, took it home & I'm still digging the album. Check out the last song with Sting!

4. Modest Mouse ~ 'Good News For People Who Love Bad News'
This was all I listened to for weeks on end. I'd even go to sleep with it playing in my little bedside boombox stereo. gryffyn exposed me to Modest Mouse (her music collection doesn't have anything craptacular in it at all!) and I later bought the album for myself (when I moved to this city) and I've since bought two more Modest Mouse cds while hopeful for more to show up at the store. I love it when people expose me to music they like, that I hadn't heard before. Memory attached: gryffyn driving @ night on a country road highway, stereo going "and we'll all float on anyway" and the eerie, "are you dead or are you sleeping? god i sure hope you are dead" with the stars & the moon & the headlight glow on the empty road.

5. Madonna ~ 'confessions on a dance floor'
'Hung Up' was the first single here. I saw the video online and loved it but the internet was full of people saying they were sick of (from?) seeing her in leotard, blah blah. I bought the cd across the street. Listened to the album. Love the dance floor feel. I confess I like this album, a lot.

6. Sarah Harmer ~ 'all of our names'
Okay. I had the song 'Basement Apt.' on the 'O Canada' compilation. Played it over and over. Then one day I was in a grocery superstore with Dad and I saw the album 'You Were Here' in a bargain bin. Fell in love with Sarah Harmer. Moved to the city. This album was in the Sarah Harmer section. Lucky for me, the small-scale released ones show up at the store too so I've been buying them every chance, anything with Sarah Harmer on it.

7. Ben Lee ~ 'Awake Is The New Sleep'
I didn't know who Ben Lee was until an online friend shared Ben's cover of Modest Mouse's song 'Float On' and after that, I dug him. Recently, I was at the music store and saw this album for 7.99, brand new! Weeks later I see he's got music video play with 'Catch My Disease'. I doubt I could buy that album for 7.99 at the store now. This album jives well with my current philosophy of thought, particularly the songs, 'Whatever It Is' and 'We're All In This Together'.

8. Paul Simon ~ 'Graceland'
Classic. I re-discover this one in my collection over & over again. I saw his new album 'Surprise' on the shelf (didn't even know he had one coming out!) but I bought Ben Lee (see above) and the new Neil Young's 'Living With War' instead.

9. Joni Mitchell ~ 'The Hits'
"I get the urge for going but I never seem to go..." Carey. California. Free Man In Paris. Woodstock (she wasn't even there!)

10. The Tragically Hip ~ 'Live Between Us'
I posted this comment on their myspace:
"I remember listening to the 'live between us' cassette on my walkman, stepping my steel-toed boots to my factory job (sometimes early morning dayshift, or the darkness for Midnights), Downie saying, "...did you f**kin' hear that, man? did you f***ing hear that?" carrying a concert in my pocket, walking past wheat & cornfields - I could see the lyrics improvised & poetic all around me.

One day soon I hope to see you perform live. It's been on my to-do / wish list for years."

The Tragically Hip are my #1 favourite band, ever.
(They are #2 on my music charts because Matthew Good is #1).

11. Sade ~ 'The Best of Sade'
Okay. So a long, long time ago, I was a member of Columbia House. Sade was a club pick or something, I think, and I ordered it on cassette. I wore that tape out. I bought it on CD. It's remained one of my favourite albums for over 10 years. she's beautiful. & she was in the obscure film 'Absolute Beginners' with David Bowie - I used to have it on vhs!

12. Enya ~ 'Paint The Sky With Stars'
Caribbean Blue...

13. Sarah Harmer ~ 'You Were Here'
"and wait for it... there are only two things now... this great black night and the fireglow... listen, the darkness rings, the darkness, listen, the darkness rings..." - 'Lodestar'

14. R.E.M. ~ 'The Best of R.E.M.'
It's not the special edition but that's okay. I've loved R.E.M. for years. 'Daysleeper' was my song, back when I worked me the night shift at the factory. Michael Stipe is awesome, by the way.

15. Matthew Good ~ 'White Light Rock & Roll Review'
from an entry I wrote in 2004... "I'm listening to matthew good's cd 'White Light Rock & Roll Review'. I really like the 'avalanche' album most of the ones I hadn't previously heard before. The doorbell rang at 9:45am this morning. It was a friendly lady from the post office that delivers mail. My '7 cds matt good bundle' arrived via Xpresspost and most likely would have been here sooner if the post office hadn't been closed Monday & Tuesday. I'm going to be listening to a lot of matthew good. I already own 'Underdogs' and 'Beautiful Midnight' on cassette, but it's great to have all the albums on compact disc." (more)

16. Matthew Good Band ~ 'Beautiful Midnight'
whoa, 2001 entry! (& this would be my favourite matthew good band cd).

17. Radiohead ~ 'The Bends'
Many many moons ago, I was 17 and living on my own in a basement apartment. For a time, I had a best friend named Crystal Dawn and she had the best music collection in a sideways cardboard box. She said her favourite song was 'Fake Plastic Trees' but I loved the album because it had the radio rotation song 'High And Dry' on it. Years later when I bought the cd, 'Fake Plastic Trees' became my favourite song too. I miss her. This was before the internets. She had these cool little fb's (friendship books) that were so artistic & expressive & connected... it would be almost 10 years later before I'd hear of zines.

18. Fleetwood Mac ~ 'Rumours'
rock on gold dust woman.

She looked up at the sky, now tinged with orange, and continued, "Please live. Talk, think, act. And sometimes listen to music...." She stopped, then she continued, "Look at paintings at times to be moved. Laugh a lot, and at times, cry. And if you find a wonderful girl, then you go for her and love her."
- Battle Royale, Koushun Takami
(gryffyn's review of the book here)
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