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[photo: 01 July 2006]

from a dream, 13 October 2001:
"I had a few dreams with my father and I walking together (over the years, he has been a dream guide and traveling companion). Then, the bad guys appeared in chase and we came across a boxcar in a city slum area where I picked up a trumpet and tried to play it quietly (in real life I played one when I was younger). There were other people (strangers) and we all had to escape through the top of the boxcar; I watched someone grab their blanket, all their other possessions to be left behind. (There was more to the dream than this but I've let it go with waking). What strikes me the most about my dreams are the landscapes, the surroundings, buildings, people, places I haven't seen or been to - it makes me wonder if the dreamworld is a collective experience, not merely individual."
Tags: dreams & nightmares

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