goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

poem: a poet's heart is not so smart

a poet's heart is not so smart

approaching lights at the intersection
i look over at his big hands on the wheel
and he explains to me why he is divorced

"I can be in love with five women
at the same time..." I can see how

your love breaks into so many pieces.

why do you do that? complicating something
so completely simple with these silly symbols,
this language, our context, those affections, oh -

i can see how

& i know you love simplicity
what about this? - here goes

us = (minus me) and (minus you)
divided, multiplied, carried over
equals nothing, to infinity + some

you might reconsider
not keeping your word
-s; i understand clearing
creative blocks, letting go,
claiming freedom - being !


throwing your script into the falls
ripping up your loose-leaf rhymes
deleting all your documents; how
you burn your poems down to ash

i can see how

bare & empty, you carry nothing;
without your words, you are light

this is why, during the darkest night
(clouds so thick, stars cannot be seen)

there is a knowing; how somewhere
above this earth, the sun is shining.

- adp, 30 June 2006 / 01 July 2006 @ 3:17am
Tags: poetry & prose

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