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whoa, i actually did an edit?

I re-worked an old poem titled 'Blocks', earlier today. (Thanks for the input, Wayne!)

also, just a sidenote, i originally wrote this while listening to the dance track "Children" by Robert Miles - it felt like this poem to me at the time.


Cutting across lawns
Through backyards of neighbourhoods
I owned as a child
I knew every crack in the sidewalk
Every tree that curved overhead
Before the shade was taken away
Every swing that threw my sandals over sand
The berry bushes that stained me
Replaced with metal fences
The gully behind the elementary school
That contained my unknown world
All condemned and forbidden
In my present life of
Restrictions and realities
Please take me back
To the time I first ran away
I don’t remember what the girl
Was thinking what she felt
But the exile-eration that filled her
As she ran one block than two
Haunts me in my moments of memories
Flashback to the front step
Watching her idol ride his ten speed
While a motorcycle leaned on the stone pathway
Atop the hill she’d roll down remembering
How the sidewalk used to be before the city
Made it more road less green
Surrounded by those she knew
From Sunday mornings awoken
By the sounds of people laughing
Warm sunshine gathering to greet her
At the window that is no longer there
I understand why he rode away
And I have come to know why he only
Went a few blocks before returning
When we are trying to prove a point
I think it’s mostly to ourselves
Everyone else just looks on to see
Where you are going
And if you will be back
To tell them what you learned
...if anything at all...

- adp, 04 December 1998

read the re-worked one.
Tags: poetry & prose

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