goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,


a person in Authors Lounge chatroom says out of nowhere: I think that Goldmourn is actually Sarah Gilbert in disguise
surprised & actually paying attention for once, I reply: You know, many people have said I look like her!
& he says: You do
and again, he states: I think that Goldmourn looks like Sarah Gilbert
a man asks: who is sarah gilbert
was she on little house on the praire?
goldmourn says: Darlene from 'Roseanne'
& someone else says: She was the child star of Little House
& I said: no, that was Melissa Gilbert, her sister
& someone else said: She was the middle daughter on Roseanne and has some crappy show now on the WB I think
& another person says: Sarah Gilbert was good on 24
and a discussion about 24 commences; I've not seen it so I don't care.
& then this woman says: ok -- she played one of Roseanne's kids, too
goldmourn says (again?): Sara Gilbert was the dark haired daughter on Roseanne.
& the woman says: She's not attractive
& the man says: I said that goldmourn looks like Sarah Gilbert and (so & so) said that Sarah Gilbert isn't attractive, there could be a fight in here
& I say, honestly: I'm okay with people not liking my looks.
while so&so responded with: Then Gold is a more attractive version of Sarah
& I think: (awww!)
& I really want to make the correction: It's Sara.
Tags: internet convos

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