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I sent text message posts to my LJ in bed before going to sleep.

Didn't eat today. gallbladder pain set off by everything. grateful not to throw up, though it's close. nose is slimming yay!

Phoned my Mother last night. She has surgury next Wednesday and I want to be there for her after she wakes up. She's my Mom.

Jeremy visited me on his birthday & watched Walk The Line, had McFlurries, fell asleep on separate couches during 2nd movie.

i was medicated before he showed up & doped w/ tylenol 2's. I snored a little. He's 29 now. we've been friends forever, wow.

added remarks:
His cell rang at seven something in the morning; he woke up & left after using the bathroom. It wasn't a planned sleepover. I tried to stay awake to watch the second movie and during the first few minutes I kept falling asleep. I woke up sometime later and he had wrapped himself with the comforter that I have on the other couch, asleep too. I said, 'we've been friends forever' because I met him when he was 12 years old. He's not really changed that much. Seems like some people seem to always have known who they are. Different upbringing or something.

Scott&Ada are gonna rent the house from Dad. They'll be great people to make the house a home. can't do it myself - not yet.

I'm in bed with this phone and unlimited texting. Won't write journal entries but this is helping. enough - to sleep w/me...

Surgery. Yeah. Good night.
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