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LJ Interests: 1

LJ Interests: 1

  1. building forts:
    When I was just a girl, I loved building forts. I had a bunk bed which made it very easy to create a fort (or boat or ship or anything I wanted it to be) but I would also turn my room into one, practically, with bedsheets & blankets & things that would form walls & hiding places. I liked building forts outside too. I loved building something - shelter, a base camp, a fort - I still like building forts & think that I just might turn my bedroom into one, ha!
  2. dialectical behaviour therapy:
    Just started this in January and it's to run for six months. It's group therapy for women with borderline personality disorder. From 10am to noon on Wednesdays, It's skill learning and teachings about Mindfulness (wise mind) and incorporates zen-like concepts to put into practice for bringing about 'emotion regulation'. Really, it's not so bad! (except for the van part) but I'll get over that. DBT is how I'll refer to it in my LJ when I start typing entries again. I intend to write about the experience: what I'm learning / how I practice the skills / what I'm feeling. The other part of this type of therapy is a follow-up session one-on-one with a therapist, so I have an hour with Jennie after group - that's where the personal stuff is discussed & my 'DBT diary card' (blah) is looked over. It's nice to have other people to relate to and to see that improvements can be made with this process. Oh, and last session I was told it was 4 consecutive weeks missed & then you're kicked out of group; I had thought it was 4 missed sessions total over the entire six months - I'll pretend I don't know that & not miss any more sessions, eh?
  3. hands:
    hands! so many reasons why i put this as an interest! well, my hands were badly damaged at one point when the allergic contact dermatitis was at it's worst - which is a big negative but it changed my life as i knew it. also, i have a hand fetish, sort of. i love hands... yes. holding hands, if i recall, felt good too (it's been too long!) sign language. i don't know any of it now, but when i was growing up, my nan (step-dad's mom) was deaf & so sign language was used a lot. i love the language hands can speak. which has led me to a negative thought about how hands can hurt, too. during that psych evaluation that happened recently, the psychiatrist said that she could see why i became so depressed during the work situation - (when my hands were practically useless) - she said that children who had been through trauma (abused, etc) would often draw themselves without hands - it's that feeling of being powerless - & that hit home for me. also, hands can do so much... helping hands / holding hands / making a difference & so forth.
  4. kindred spirits:
    kindred souls. kindred. connections. recognition of yourself in someone else. feeling as though you've know them from somewhere, perhaps shared the journey with them before.

    Part of Speech: noun
    Definition: a person who shares beliefs, attitudes, feelings, or features with another; also called kindred soul

    I don't quite agree. I've felt kindred-ness in those who have different beliefs & attitudes than myself. Again, I think there are just moments of feeling familiarity to someone that is on an entirely different level than commonalities.
  5. movie marathons:
    This is what gryffyn & I do when we hang out together these days. We watch several movies in a row & warp my brain for fun, yay!
  6. quotations:
    I love collecting quotations. I have posted some selected quotations but this interest goes back to my younger days when I would write them down in journal books - back before the internets existed & I read more books, wrote long letters and kept up with my paper journals.
  7. scented candles:
    I love scented candles & the flame, the atmosphere, the glow.
  8. survival:
    essential. different reasons for this word too. stories of survival fascinate me. also, there is something about instinct and the will to keep going that moves me.
  9. the unknown:
    ooo, mysterious!
  10. zines:
    i <3 zines. i had one of my own, one time. i've had an issue in the making for a few years now & it will continue to be on hold until i set aside the cash for it. in the meantime, i continue to enjoy zines by other people! the creativity, raw & honest openminded self-expression, the prose & poetry & artwork, the heart of activism put on paper - just everything about zines - awesome.

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