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Getting to know oneself means that we learn how the various energies work within us and what essential energies are important to us. One very important consideration when one studies Taoist meditation in depth is the discovery that there is a distinct difference between the physical body and what is called the Chi body. This is the more subtle body which approximates to the Aura or essential energy in Western thought.

. . .

As the energy becomes freer and the physical body reacts and changes to this input of meditative energy, we can turn our attention to the emotions. In the energy of the body or cellular memory there is an imprint of everything we have ever done, thought or been. In some ways, we are like a computer which has been storing information since the moment we were conceived. Unfortunately, this information is not held in separate files which can just be deleted, the files are all linked together and each one has an effect on the others. When we make adjustments to one aspect of life it impinges on others.

These imprints are the conditioning of our personalities and often the energy gets trapped within the tissues of the body, giving rise to aches, pains and difficulties. When we begin to deal with these, it releases the energy and we then have to deal with the cause. Generally we should deal with the stuck negative emotions first, which might be called the lower level emotions; for example, hate, depression, anger, vindictiveness.

. . .

By and large with emotions it is more successful to dissolve them by going into the energy channels of the body and dealing with them bit-by-bit and piece-by-piece. The dissolving techniques are done to ensure there is a free flow of energy and that the negative stuck energy can be transformed and moved beyond the confines of the physical body. Then the Chi field has more of an effect on the people round about. Your own personal field actually has the ability to reach into the infinite.

As soon as you start clearing your own energy field you will find that you are more in control of your life and are less likely to find that energies from your external environment have an effect on you. Initially you may find that you become very sensitive tot all sorts of subtle influences around from other people's emotions, but gradually you will find that your daily practice helps you to deal with the additional input.

Forces from beyond the world in which we live can also shape our environment. ( . . .) The unresolved blockages in the practitioner's being resonate in a particular way to the planetary input, which means that old patterns can come back to haunt us when we least expect it.

Regular circulation of Chi is essential for individual health. Healing the physical body, having an effect on the glandular system and the internal organs and then working on emotional blockages, transforms the way that you present yourself to the rest of the world and how the world approaches you. Practicing how to move your energy through your channels and knowing why you are doing it allows you too have far more of a sense of purpose inn life and can make you aware of the misuse of energy. There is no longer any necessity to waste energy needlessly or to block your responses to circumstances around you.

[all of the above are excerpts from the book, The Essence of TAO, by Pamela Ball]
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