goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

after the phone call in which my dad was told his mom was dying

after the phone call in which my dad was told his mom was dying

irrational thinking, raised voices, (fight for flight) my dad told me that he was going to hitchhike if he had to! to get there, to get there & i saw my father standing sad & mad, a fifty-something worn millwright man who hadn't walked that far in over 20 years (and the world is so much different now, everything's different now dad) he said, I know but I've got to get there somehow, how else can I get there in time? time, time - well then I'm going with you, you're not going it alone and he said no, I've got to do this on my own so I said fine, if you won't let me go with you, then I'll follow close behind - the entire way, whatever distance, i'll take those roads with you - & in that moment we had already left, my self following after my father as he floats over houses & highways... but before we could get there to her, his mother was gone (she'd flown farther away).
Tags: poetry & prose

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