goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

Gone to Gehenna

Just in time for CBC Radio One's 7 o'clock news, I woke up. I had a nap after posting my journal entry this afternoon. This dream started out with nightmarish stuff but it turned out pretty trippy. It seemed much like an animated film and had the developments of characters. I wish I could remember the earlier stuff but it seems I can only recall the last bit. There was one woman who was supposed to be the long gone mother / wife and she was extremely beautiful and young looking. She had golden hair and I remember the quote in there being, "A lot of gods have died for this hair!" and it was true! Apparently, I knew that this meant actual old gods had died for her hair to be that beautiful and also for her, period. Somehow she was as old as the stars. Perhaps all of us were. It was as though we had just been woken up for this situation. There was this strange man that was standing somewhere on a platform. The woman had told us about it. He's the way you travel from this planet, past the milky way, out into the universe, past constellations and other worlds and to anywhere else, any time else. At one time, long ago before memory, his services were used regularly. He didn't look like much - other people on the platform / boat / whatever it was commented to one another - he looked rather worn and ragged. He pulled out a flag that had a name on it, (Oh! That makes you look more professional, oh yeah!) and waved it a little bit. It was like one of those comedic moments in a film feature. And then we shot out through the atmosphere. He pulled rope hand in hand and moved us along some invisible path, some route in the sky. What interested me about this dream was the interplay of characters and other things that were going on, all of which I've forgotten now that I'm awake.

Oh, the flag had Gehenna on it. It's interesting that I could have misread and it may have been the Goddess Henwen. It could have been both. Either way, it's almost like I went to sleep and woke up with a bit of nanowrimo plot. I won't be using it though. I'm a dreamer, not a novelist, dammit!
Tags: dreams & nightmares

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