goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

the thing is, there actually are tent towns

I'm listening to 93.5 FM, CBC Radio One on the stereo. I'm trying to shake these dreams from my skin. Death, death, death. And a tent town. A town of tents. Tents connected each to the other with the door flaps being the entrance to the next section of tent. Gotta stay out of the rain and live in tent town. Outside are the monsters. And a friend and I were going to run to the church building to get married. We were going to meet up with other couples for a gay marriage, but first a presentation from an old school overhead projector. We're sitting in theatre seats and holding hands. He's a man and I'm a woman but we're a gay couple and we're gonna get married after this slideshow is done. But oh no! We have to get back to tent town! I remember paying attention to the detail of the tents being connected and having corridors and rooms of tents and this wasn't even the focus of my dream. Classmates from elementary school, who of course, have never aged - and me, on the outside, always on the outside, see? I'm listening to the radio and it's about policing - sounds something like the tv show 'Cops' but without the cool song. I'm done this paragraph now.

I wanted to write a journal entry and share some of the many things I've been thinking about recently but it seems that I can't do that just yet. I wish that I would wake up. I turn my head and there I am, still asleep on my bed.
Tags: dreams & nightmares

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