goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

poem: Far Be It

Far Be It

Far be it from me to
invade your personal hell
how was I to know that
you would be so offended
by my lack of faith in you
and your stupid dreams
Oh, I used to believe in you
I encouraged you
and hung on every word you said
through tears of disappointment
I would tell you
don't worry, I know you can do it
you can make something of yourself
you can prove to the world
that you can do anything you want in life
but I was wrong
you finally convinced me after all this time
you're nothing special
you're just like everybody else
the people who love you, care about you
and even those that hate you
you're just like them
less than them because
they aren't so into themselves
like you are
they are more likely to achieve their dreams
they are closer to reaching the stars
than you will ever be
I bet you never thought of that now did you?
you thought it was all about you
the earth is centered on the place you stand
well, let me tell you something
you don't matter
when you die you will be forgotten
all those papers you've saved
of poetry and journals
they are nothing to nobody
they will be discarded
along with your dead carcass
ashes blown into the polluted sky
back to the dust that bore your decrepit mind
far be it from me to
believe in anything
far be it from me to
believe in you.

- 30 July 1997 ADP
Tags: poetry & prose

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