goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

killing his darling dead : dream

I can't listen to music right now. It's all noise
in my head (it's in my head) I want it shut up
inside I dreamed about a killer (killing off my
darlings) and I saw the gruesome death, the
bloody deaths and I stepped over each one to
examine the scene of the crime --- the sleuth
asking too many questions and he found him
self tracking the steps to the murder, to the kill
kill-killing of his darling (he was killing his darling)
he killed her with the questions all the questions
when the answer was always there, there, dead.

can you see me rise from my bed? can you
see me float out of my head? can you see
that you were killing me - killing us dead?
no more! nevermore! {I am out of my head}
Tags: dreams & nightmares, poetry & prose

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