goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,


i think i want to be you
the way that sex comes across
your lips like you know we're
watching you taste it
tongue on your top lip
while you bite the bottom
and you know who you are

every day
i'm losing myself
it's all catching up with me
all that i'm missing

music has that affect on me
it can touch me in the ways
you wish you could

(but baby you know i love you
though i could love you more
if you were here right now)

my favourite memory
at the moment
is the backseat of a car
walkman on though the
car radio is playing
but i didn't want to hear that, see?
it's mgb all the way

matthew good band
on cassette
underdogs and beautiful midnight
made me think for once
who cares about the moon?
this voice full of stars
all that i see pass me by
connected to this sound
it all comes together
for a moment
for me

make believe i know him
did you know he wanted
the band to be called "mgb"
but it was too late
we would have writ
your name anyway

about as close as i can get
to knowing
to knowing what he wants

i remember dark fields
and trees running past
as he breathed into my ear
only for me just for me

no need to say
that i am wrong

i know
i know

17 Feb 2001 ADP

Reader's Comments
Lets all come out in droves. The earth isn't enough...we'll take the solar system too. Thank you for reading. I hope you like the words. It's all about the Goods. And it is MGB all the way..(going out going all the way!!)
- mattsgirl
Tags: poetry & prose

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