goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

poem: Student of Today

Student of Today

I have returned to high school
this February two thousand
five years have passed me by
since I dropped out
not one student would remember me
all of them long since
graduated a thousand paths
headed in different directions
from these halls
unchanged somehow
unlike me unrecognizable
close up I am barely
noticed here in crowds
or standing alone
no sign upon my forehead
to single me out
if there was might it
read like this:
"I am older than you. I have lived
a lesson you don't need to learn."
I am here, much like I was before
I want to tell them all
please try your hardest
please don't give up so easily
and please don't rush yourself
the world will be waiting
eager to eat you up
trust me when I say
experience will spit you out
before you can digest it all

so cynical am I but I've grown tired
much too fast the quick way out
turned into the long way around
It is difficult to get back to Start
and now, with so much more to carry
among this weight debt and regret who
are not content to travel quietly
pushing their way into my studies
but I will hold them back as best I can as
I walk to my classes just happy to have
a second chance, a second glance
at a hopeful future untouched by these hands
used by night in a factory to pay my debts
used by day in school to amend my regrets
I will do it right this time because
I know the consequences
My will wants more for me and my future
and that is why I will succeed
if only I had learned this years ago
And so I say to you, Student of today
You have countless opportunities
- more than you can see before you -
a future unmarked and unbent at your hand
Learn from me and save yourself the trip
Believe me when I say your journey
will be struggle enough
Give yourself a chance the first time
so that a second chance, like mine,
Won't be necessary for I have lived
a lesson that you don't need to learn.

adp 14 February 2000
Tags: poetry & prose

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