goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

poem: Implement


I want to write
to find my voice
I want to shed my layers
But for so long I was only
scratching at the surface
of my dry and splitting skin
Perhaps all poets, artists
and writers alike
are possessed by their own
demons & disorders
binging on the world
and purging into poetry
art and prose
How can one be
considered healthy
who loses all sense & sanity
without their
implement of choice
- at hand-
Thoughts that need to be
put to rest, or better, expressed
on paper, canvass, walls & screen
on display or left unseen
It must be noted:
no matter the form,
a muse not met
is a dream not remembered
I want to write
to find my voice
with my ever faithful
implement of choice.

ADP 04 June 2000
Tags: poetry & prose
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