goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

poem: To The Sky

To The Sky

Do you know how close
you got to me?
I could have sworn
you pulled me to you
breast to breast
like lovers
we held each other
(for pain suffers
for only so long)
I could have kissed
your lips woman
and your enduring
scratched-up soul
You must be kindred
come to call
I recognize you now
All of us are scattered
you know
All of us are pieces
of the same
we fit together
You made me remember
myself when I was a child
open to the sky
full of wisdom
from an old soul
they would find me
as I searched them out
we drew one another
like the lines on the paper
that assimilated
all that I knew.

ADP 06 July 2000 12:25am
Tags: poetry & prose

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