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writing about writing...

I remember one part of my dream where I found a notebook and in it were a bunch of stories, written by me, when I was younger. (This was only one of the last moments in my dream and part of many dreams and adventures as I call them) But this was interesting as the notebook was supposedly from when I was a child and when I wrote short stories. I nearly wept at the imagination I had. "Look at all that I wrote. I mean, look at all the different stories I could write down when now I rarely write at all - what happened to me?" I didn't actually have a notebook like this but it probably was in reference to the notebook paper I used to print (by hand) my stories in. That was an interesting part of the dream. Most likely referring to my frustration at my approach to writing. The rest of my dream... well... It was all quite vivid though. Every part of it. To be flipping the pages of the notebook and seeing my careful printing when I was a child. The stories - I wish I had paid more attention to what they were - maybe they were stories I had actually written long ago... or that I should write... There was one story that I wrote that I called "Tale of Two Moons" when I was in grade six. The teacher let me read its continuing developments to the classroom. Come to think of it - it was in a notebook exactly like the one that I mentioned above... Well, something happened and I ripped it up and threw it in the metal trash can, right there in the classroom. A shame since the story was going somewhere and the characters were alive. I gave it a shot again over the following few years. The story stayed with me. In junior high I rewrote it and it was never finished and then in high school for drama class I turned it into a script for a play (unfinished as well) since then I haven't returned to it. It's a story left unwritten that I have always felt I should be working on. I haven't touched it in years but I think I will go back to it. I once thought that I need to experience a lot more before I will continue it - so that I understand my characters better. For instance, I had never experienced sex when I last wrote it, and so my characters couldn't experience sexual tension at all... (If I'm making any sense) I do believe I will continue it someday. Maybe that part of my dream was trying to tell me to pull it out again. Give it a shot and let myself write. Let my imagination take hold and let the story tell itself... Maybe..... The play (the last copy/version I have of it) is in a green duotang... somewhere around here...
Tags: dreams & nightmares

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