goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

poem: Summer Now

Summer Now

This is summer to me now
feet slapping sandals
hot when meets the sun
dog tags between my breasts
beneath my shirt
against my skin
they burn
my reminder
my reminder
my lover
he gives me heat
the only one I want
the only one I need
and this is a truth
that will always be.

nothing i could do
would undo what
has been done
time has control
of us now so
i will wait
i will wait
until the seasons
become ours again.

summer used to be
sunburns and
no school
now i hear summer
all around me
it is not the same
the summer i knew
is childhood left behind.

sweat from the heat
makes me think of us
tasting you
your concentration
across my skin
this is summer to me now
my winter, spring, my fall.

ADP 01/02 September 2000
Tags: poetry & prose
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