goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

poem: The Dream of Man & Dishes

The Dream of Man & Dishes

The young man offered to wash my dishes
(of course this was a dream)
With me being ever the gentleman
I told him, "Sure, knock yourself out"
when suddenly a much older man
with a cane, entered the room
and hit the young man repeatedly
so that he fell to his knees
with such brute and unexpected force
that his legs were broken
and he slumped onto his side
I, in the mind of the other young man
found myself cheering the old fighter on
Ever the coward I did not want to see myself
in the same painful position
as my dishwashing friend
I stood offstage for the final scene
to see the old man lean in
prepared to strike the final blow
when just as he was about
to raise his cane, the young man,
with breath nearly beaten from him,
spoke his last words to me
- Yes, I was the old man too
for don't you know that
you are all that you dream?

He pulled me close to his lips,
from which blood trickled from the
corners of his mouth and said,
"Well, if you're going to be like that
then you can wash the dishes yourself."

ADP 11 December 2000
Tags: dreams & nightmares, poetry & prose

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