goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

poem: Not Enough

Not Enough

what happens when you realize
this is not enough
you want more
but can you show yourself the door
you need a little help
all signs are flashing caution
but no one is slowing down
for you
last night it was
a dream about high school
football stars
huddled at the back of a
yellow school bus
and you're still the loner
at the front
even in your dreams
you realize that
you are not enough
as you watch them
all standing by the road
pissing at the world
this doesn't make much sense
and it still is not enough
next scene
you've got their attention
all eyes to the front
and you have to read
from the paper
here is your big chance
to show them how cool you are
with a bit of public speaking
you look down at what
you hold there in your hands
but there are pictures in the way
and the words do not exist
so you make a joke
and no one laughs
this is when you realize
not one person on this ride
will ever think enough
you wake up
your first moments
spent trying to work it out
give the dream a different ending
but for everything you do
it is not enough
it is not enough

13/14 January 2001 ADP
Tags: dreams & nightmares, poetry & prose

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