goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

poem: that place

that place

paul simon
talking about his song "graceland"
during a tv show called 'classic albums'
on the much more music station

he says it's the best song he's ever written
the way he's critiquing his snl performance
the pride he has in what he accomplished
the way he is looking off into nothing
as he speaks, lost in his music
and the words he wrote...

reminds me of myself
when I'm listening to a great album
introducing it to someone else
trying to get them as excited
about it as me

just like one of those
discussions that make
your bones shiver
and leaves you
shaking from the insides

- you know that feeling -

"now we're in another place"
paul says at one point
while listening to his song

and I know what he's talking about

i love finding that place
the place where passion
breaks through
and that feeling
yes that feeling that
you'll be young forever
if you let yourself be happy

paul said at the end of the show
that 'graceland' was to him,
"an unusual degree of understanding
amongst people who have just met"
and the show was like

one of those good
talks that make
your bones shiver
and leaves you
shaking from the insides

...i love finding that place.

ADP 24 February 2001 4:00am
Tags: poetry & prose

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