goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

"a dream is a wish your heart makes..."

Yet again, in part of my dreams, I was fighting with Mom. Telling her off, ya know... saying everything I didn't say the night of the incident. This took place at Bryan's Dad's house on Elm Street. Mom shoved me on the backdoor steps against the railing. So when I returned to the spare bedroom I told Guy we were leaving. (Yay! At least I got to see Guy!) and there was a whack of my dirty clothes and his in a laundry basket. We couldn't take everything so I'm picking out the best clothes of ours and telling him we'll take them to a laundromat sometime. He was folding stuff up and putting into suitcases that we grabbed from the closet but I'm thinking that having my hiking back pack (and Dad's as well) would be better so I made that change. (Sometimes I can change things in my dreams... sometimes) I went downstairs first and let Bryan know that he was not getting his 200 dollars back - that he can just take it out of the 700 I gave them that one time. They weren't happy about that but Mom was saying mean stuff about me the entire dream anyway. When we got out of there (Guy and I) we found a car and we had to get stuff in it. Guy was approaching it but I did something wrong and when I got out of the car it was going in circles. (I saw that on a real life tv show once) So finally Guy came along and got it to stop. We got in the car but we were being pursued by a man in another one. Here I am, not in the car completely, hanging on to the door trying to tell Guy to stop and let me in. My waking mind tried to change things so that I was actually sitting snug against Guy but that didn't happen. We managed to turn into a driveway with a magnificent house there. Granny and my Dad were there. The man followed us there but this turned out to be our house. Apparently I've got lots of money. And I've made Dad and Aunt Sue co-owners of the house or something like that. The man left after being inside, seeing my Granny and the kitchen and all that. So ended that part and my mind started concentrating on this house. Turns out that the house was so huge that when Aunt Sue was in the kitchen, it was a rare occurence to see her! Generally, her and Uncle Jim and Ian wouldn't have to see us at all because the place was so massive you could live your own lives. The kitchen was small though because it was one of the personal ones. Later in my dream I was telling someone that there are kitchens in the living spaces for us to use ourselves but we also have the option of having our food prepared for us by the Main Kitchen and I said that my Dad's already experienced that. We were in an executive office space of the house where it had glass windows. We were looking out and I was telling people that I wanted to expand the place. What we'd do is take down those two houses across the street (shabby looking ones) and also use the vacant land beside it. Aunt Sue had concerns about where those people would go. There were also large apartment buildings to one side and across the street but I said we wouldn't need to touch those. Anyway, we brought in the owner of the closest house. I told him what we were going to do. We'd pay him 100,000 to 150,000. His place was worth 45,000 if that, with the shape it was in. He was pleased about that. But back to my plans, instead of tearing up the street we'd put a walkway above it to connect this building to the next. We'd connect it from our four story library (oh what wonderful dreams) and attach it to the building where we'd make a public pool for everyone to use as there is nothing in this neighbourhood except private ones in the fancy office buildings down the road. I also wanted a park created with SWINGS and such. And also I wanted a private garden for us with one of those labyrinths. Yeah, I let my dreams run on that one and I was obviously making that part up in my head as I went. It was nice though. I seem to be dreaming of having money a lot lately. Well, at least I can have it in my dreams. As for the dreams before all this, they were nightmares. Also involving the cats and such and more of Mom and all that. I had many dreams over the course of the night. Also did the nights before.... I just haven't been writing about them. I liked the end of this dream the most because the idea of having a place where family is all together yet we don't have to infringe on each other's space seemed nice. Notice that I left Mom and Bryan behind. That never used to be the case you know. I used to always think that if I ever did come into money that I would take care of them - have that house built that they want with all one floor and all that.... Anyway, it would have been nice if I could have manipulated my dream enough to have Guy and I settling into an immaculate room with our own jacuzzi or something like that and.... being intimate... and all that... but I had to wake up and go pee, yet again. Plus, if I could control my dreams that much, I would have just dreamed of Guy and I all night!

Yes, Guy and I are doing great now. We even talked on the phone the other night because he was able to get a phone card. I ended up crying my eyes out for the last bit of it about the cats... But in any case, we had a good talk and we also got to... play and stuff.... I really miss him. Really really really really miss him a lot. It's so good to hear his voice. Hopefully we get to see each other in December. Depending on what the circumstances are, I'll either go there or he may come here.

(I must get this laptop cleaned sometime.....)
Tags: dreams & nightmares

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