April 6th, 2017

doctor who places you will go

All of the things!

Husband got a new job. It happened quickly. As soon as he got the official job offer, he gave notice to his employer. The standard is to give two weeks notice but the new job was to begin the following Monday. He didn't want to lose the chance and so this meant as soon as he gave notice, he was told he didn't need to come in the next day. Things changed in a blink.

22 March 2017, Optimist Park

I went with him that Saturday and I've been taking care of the household since he's been gone. I even learned how to cook tofu for myself AND make my own cappuccinos. I suppose I can survive without him after all. I've even left the house on numerous occasions! It's as though this immense relief happened as soon as I returned home. Not because he was gone, no, but because we actually have forward momentum in our life now. One is with a job path he'd like to take, and for me, well, I get to go back to the city I love - a place that holds so much possibility & wonder for me.

On the 24th, we went on a long walk with a friend the day before husband left my hometown.

On Saturday the 25th, I got to travel for the first time since April of last year. (Whoa!)
VIA Rail Canada, London, Ontario
VIA Rail

Union subway station (poetry)

Now that I'm on my own (for the time being) it's up to me to take care of things around here.
That means going outside. It's like a whole new world for me.

demolition of Timken

365 Days (2017): Day 92

Cat family is good.

Balcony lights are down. Blue hour was beautiful the other night.

One of my Toronto graffiti alley photos was published in a Lonely Planet book! I received my complimentary copy of it on the same day that I learned that I get to for certain move back very soon to Toronto. That was awesome timing. I made a vlog opening it up and finding my name.
Street Art (lonely planet)

I still take balcony sky view photos and post them to Instagram.
But other sorts of pictures are on there too now that I go outside.

Participating in 365 Days self portrait project. I like this photo with the sunburn on my face and the silver nail polish.
365 Days (2017): Day 95

Things to be done in less than two months time:
* get moving company booked
* pack (also, discard and donate stuff to have less stuff to pack)
* & move back to the city with a grateful thankful lovestruck heart.