September 2nd, 2015

we are all mad

LJ Meme

Taken from absintheforest via reynardine's LJ.

Name/Nickname: Amber Dawn (goldmourn)

Age/Birthdate/Sign: 37 / 25 July 1978 / Leo (rawr!)

Myers-Briggs (if you know it): I think it's changed over the years, certainly between my early '20s and my mid-to-late '30s. Anyone else experience this?

How long have you had your LJ: Since 05 April 2001.

What does your username mean: It means I haven't changed my username since 1998.

What is your favorite thing about LJ: That it's still here. It's my homepage. It's where I keep ALL THE THINGS.

What is your least favorite thing about LJ: That so many people abandoned it. That LJ makes some changes that doesn't take into account the preferences of the loyal and longtime users of this site. That for some reason, Facebook is more popular. The connections made on FB feel shallow compared to the way we would relate to one another on LJ years ago, IMO.

What is your motivation on LiveJournal? To express myself. To write. To document my experiences. To be myself. To hold it together in one place.

Have you ever met anyone on your (LJ) Friends List in real life? Yes.

Do you have a paid subscription? Yes.

Where do you live: My hometown / birthplace / city where my twin is buried. St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada. #sttont

Do you have an accent? I suppose it's Canadian, eh? I don't know. We all do to other people from other places, right?

Do you have pets: Vincent & Pekoe. Adopted cats in January 2015.

Do you/did you go to school: I completed my high school diploma at an Adult Learning Centre in my late '20s.

Do you work: Be more specific.

Where/What do you do: Oh. Well, I write. I read. I make vlogs. I take lots of photos. I wash the dishes. I have intense vivid nightmare adventure dreams every time I sleep. I hold my iPhone too much.

Do you have more drama at home or at work: I had Drama in high school. Great teacher, too. I know I didn't answer this question the way you wanted me to but really?

What do you often write about: My life.

What else should readers know: The cake is a lie.