October 19th, 2014

so many books

hometown memories

These ramblings were prompted by postings in a Facebook group for my hometown.

I went to Scott Street Public School for one year, in grade six. I read my Mother's copy of 'The Lord of The Rings' in the hallways of the school. I wrote great book reports of great books. I was there for Mr. Previl's last year of teaching, right when he was going to retire, and he was the one who told us to write in a diary (one of those exercise notebooks we'd have in school) and it was because of him that I got into keeping a journal even to this day at the age of 36. Also, I don't remember the name of the French teacher I had but she was wonderful (I initially learned French from Mrs. Maunu at Edward Street Public School so I had a good start!) and by grade six in French class I received great encouragement from that teacher. After this, it was off to Locke's School when I moved again for grade seven and eight. I took a bicycle ride on my birthday through the schoolyard of Scott Street Public School and it's sad but hey, there's finally some greenery grown up through the pavement cracks - we got some greenspace finally in there - just took being abandoned for it to happen! (October 17 at 11:18pm) [here]

The stairs were condemned years ago and I'm not surprised that they're gone by now. They were useful when they were kept up though! As for the stairs that lead down to the ravine that would lead to trails toward what used to be that bible school (the swing sets are gone!) those stairs are still there, just rotting and covered with overgrowth. One of my favourite memories of Athletic Park is from my mid-twenties, sitting on a bench at night with a date drinking hot peppermint tea from Tim Hortons and watching fireflies in the dark. (October 17 at 11:23pm) [here]

I had a great teacher in grade 7 and 8 there. Mr. Reid was the teacher for my grade 8 class. He had lots of great books on bookshelves that in the classroom that we were encouraged to read (probably not to steal though) and he had Bob Dylan lyrics on the door in big font - "I was so much older than / I'm younger than that now" - I think - if so, of course we didn't understand those lyrics at that age but he must have. Maybe it was a reminder to himself that kids are know-it-alls but to have patience with us because eventually we'd grow up and learn we didn't know much of anything after all once we were adults. (October 17 at 11:26pm) [here]