October 1st, 2014

you are not your livejournal

Happy October!

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Near the start of September I made a poll about writing every day in October (here) and I'm intending to follow through on this. I hope that other people are encouraged to give this a try, too.

I haven't been writing in my paper journals much at all for some time now. It's clear from the page I'm sharing here that I don't have my personal writing voice back yet but I am hopeful that if I write every day, it'll come back to me. That is my main goal for October.

paper journal #35, pages 32 & 33: October 1st, 2014.
paper journal 35 pages 32 and 33

There are no rules in participating in the 'write every day in October' challenge. You can share your posts or keep them to yourself. Talk about the process, share insights or pages in a video. Take pictures of your pages or type out an excerpt of something you wrote that you feel like sharing.

Or carry on doing whatever it is you do that helps make this community awesome!

p.s. I loved 'The Journal Tag' post with videos answering questions that you can think about for yourself. Inspiring!