February 7th, 2014

bad poetry oh noetry

poem: big as a bear

big as a bear

you held your hand out over
the city sidewalk snowbank
to help me into the taxi van

i'm paranoid enough to think
they send that one for me
due to weight I gained since

we moved back to my hometown.

you know i hate it here and
you know i'm trying to change
the way i feel about this place

just as i hate myself eating
my feelings as though regret
were an all i can eat buffet

(eventually i'll get this down)

if the best that i can do is say,
"I will take long walks come Spring!"
and wipe the dust off of my bicycle

do visualization exercises count
toward fitness goals and can we
make it through this cold winter

believing this mess will melt away?

i am a bear
that should be sleeping
not stumbling about

this substantial season.

- adp, 07 February 2014 @ 5:30pm