August 15th, 2012

book with worn pages

August, already?

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Whether you're writing &/or creating away (every day? regularly? now & then?) in your own paper journal / diary / notebook/ etc! - here are some ideas of what else you can do if you're stuck / want to do more / would like some creative ideas / just feel like watching some videos / I really like using the that slanted line, eh?

FOUR inspiring videos with some thoughts included.

Smash Book/Junk Journal/Art Journal - What's the Difference? [Link]
I watched a video by the person who made this first video I'm sharing that was about making a journal from greeting cards. I think it's a lovely way to recycle them! Personally, I have a box of cards kept (as is) from my childhood and I don't think I'd put them together like she did (because I'm terrible with paints - not confident with that aspect yet!) and I also like the idea of putting the cards together as a journal, as they are, for a keepsake. Certainly better than being strewn about in a dusty box? Also, it would be neat to flip through, I think. Perhaps I could "journal" a bit and include pages where I share my thoughts about some of the cards? Memories? Just tossing some ideas out there as I watch this beautiful video. As a mostly text-journal'er, I'm in awe of those who create art journals and use so many pretty colourful things with wild abandon. Since I was looking through youtube for related videos, I saw this other one by her which thought would be great for those of us (me, ha!) who haven't heard of a Smash Book before.

daily journal travel case [Link]
This second video is just 1 minute 45 seconds long but is an example of how one can store their journal supplies. Mine, at the moment, include the paper journal I'm currently writing in, a glue stick for the rare ticket stub, receipt, etc, and then are my trusty pens nearby. When I was an avid postcard writer in the early to mid-2000's, I had a basket with supplies on the ready for that sort of thing. I'm not to the point of organizing a case for daily journaling but when I get there, I think videos like this give inspiration as to the possibilities one could have!

Pages from my Diary! [Link]
This video (not pages from my diary - none of these videos are mine, in case you were wondering!) is made of images of a mostly text journal that is full of colour and glued in images (makes me long for a working printer / scanner again!) and is rather awesome. It shows that you can add a lot to a mostly text based diary without being an all-out art journal person.

My journal collection! [Link]
So. Many. Journals. As in, ongoing-at-the-same-time journals! Wow! Again, as my own anecdote, I'm a one journal at a time gal but for those of you who keep numerous ones, you're not alone! Some of the purposes for her journals / notebooks are creative, interesting and awesome. Clearly this girl loves to write! You also get to see her journal collection for everyday stuff, too.

I've not been writing consecutively for some time - I seem to be scrawling in spurts - but I love my paper journal and this will continue to be a part of my life. How are you doing?