July 14th, 2010

doctor who places you will go

excerpts: btwn 8th & 14th July 2010

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I've continued writing in my paper journal but I'm doing a lot more pasting. I've got a folder for things I can glue in later and this concerns me because I've been known to go overboard in collecting clippings before (years ago). But admittedly, it's been helpful and it's a tentative step out of my usual all-text method that I've been using (mostly) all these years. I'd like to eventually venture into using paints & such but I don't quite feel brave enough for that yet.

So, I've been thinking about prompts & inspiration lately. Does it really help to have someone tell you what to write (unless you're actually interested in the topic or you can relate it to your life experience in some way) OR is it better to stumble upon it? To happen upon it by surprise. Or to open your eyes to the possibilities of inspiration & the prompts all around you? Personally, I think that with the stuff shared in this community, one could be endlessly inspired to journal about something if they had a look about.

Maybe another thing to ask yourself is, "why am I keeping a journal?" Is it to express yourself? Is it to tell your story? To share the stories of others? To imagine & play outside the self you are 'in the world' and to allow yourself to BE on the page? Do you write & create to remember... or to forget? Is this for you or for someone else to know that you existed? Are you using it as therapy, an outlet or is this more of a task to prove to yourself you can follow through, to organize yourself - a record of your life, your thoughts? I think that having some of these answers - or at least, exploring a bit - will go a long way in filling the page.

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