May 31st, 2010

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{microblog} May 2010

02 May 2010 to 27 May 2010

Breakfast, yum! (Thanks, Tallman!)
10:51 AM May 2nd via TwitPic

Corey Haim died of pneumonia - natural causes - not a drug overdose. The coroner`s report was just released.
5:17 PM May 4th via txt

Tasering a 17 year old for running onto a baseball field during a game. Couldn`t security have just tackled the kid? wtf is wrong w/ people?
5:51 PM May 4th via txt

Doctor Who is SO good! I enjoyed the revival of the series w/Christopher Eccleston, loved David Tennant, smitten w/Matt Smith & 'Amy Pond'.
10:25 PM May 4th via txt

Cat fight!
10:59 PM May 5th via TwitPic

Tall mug of chocolatey chai tea with a couple of caramel chocolate chip rice cakes. Yum!
3:54 PM May 6th via txt

after covering a 2 hour shift at the fluff & fold, J treated us to our first dinner out in ages. I think I prefer our home cooked meals!
8:39 PM May 7th via txt

Tonight we`ll be seeing 'Iron Man 2' in theatres. I`m excited because I loved the first film so much ... and isn`t Robert Downey Jr. dreamy?
8:43 PM May 7th via txt

There`s something more satisfying in cooking our own food. (& cheaper!)
8:48 PM May 7th via txt

Heading to Beach Cinema in downpour w/J&hisDad
9:22 PM May 7th via TwitPic

Me & J in the movie theatre before Iron Man 2.
9:29 PM May 7th via TwitPic

Thinking about the Dad`s out there who have taken on the role of Mother (mine) &to anyone doing their best to raise children w/ love: kudos!
5:12 PM May 9th via txt

The internet will be connected here tomorrow: exciting for J & I! We`ll be using a router so his PS3, PC & my netbook can live harmoniously.
9:16 PM May 9th via txt

@JimCarrey re:"there is no one better than you in this world! every1 is broken! don't worry!"/Can`t view link but your words resonated w/me.
11:40 PM May 9th via txt

Me: You didn`t hear me dream / sleep? J.: Nope. Me: It`s always so much louder in my head.
5:33 AM May 10th via txt

had quick video/voice chat w/my old friend Vinnie on Yahoo! To think it's been about five years since we first met online. He's good people.
12:27 AM May 11th via textwit

Late on the train (no cable) so just now catching the recent SNL episode. Big props to Betty White & musical guest Jay-Z (loved the medley!)
7:01 PM May 11th via txt

Jay-Z gave a shout out to Betty White! Fantastic. I reallly wanna watch 'Golden Girls' & 'Boston Legal' while listening to Jay-Z albums now.
7:33 PM May 11th via txt

@MarionMorton Before David Tennant regenerated the last words he spoke seemed like it wasn`t just his character`s sentiment but his as well.
8:45 PM May 11th via txt

Before I started using Twitter in 2007, I sent text messages with an LJ feature to my online journal. (07 Oct 2005)
10:05 PM May 11th via textwit

Stream graph of my listening history for the past 12 months: here!
10:32 PM May 11th via web

Awake late. First tweetphoto. Testing 1 2 3.
12:25 AM May 12th via TweetPhoto

@HisanoMatsuki It's lovely, eh? It makes me think of this video I made in my Dad's backyard:
9:07 AM May 12th via Seesmic in reply to HisanoMatsuki

enjoyed a cup of tea, chatting non-stop, passenger side drive along Queen / Lakeshore &some photo-taking w/my new Canadian-Irish friend JB!
4:58 PM May 12th via Seesmic

must write brief (concise, articulate, hopefully interesting) bio today for a blog I may 'guest post' on. After that? Create worthy content!
5:09 PM May 12th via txt

Catching up w/ @thewinekone videos. I missed his funnycreepynerdtasticness. & I spit hot tea onto myself after one particularly funny thing.
3:38 PM May 13th via Seesmic

Aw crap, I guess this means I have to wear pants today. -> (& thank you, @torontocitylife!)
2:11 PM May 14th via Seesmic in reply to torontocitylife

had a brief walk w/neighbour / friend Meghan this afternoon. Took some pictures and had something to eat that made my breath all hummus-y.
5:38 PM May 14th via Seesmic

My Top 3 Weekly #lastfm artists: Ladytron (45), The Killers (33) and Matthew Good (21) #lastfm music
6:04 AM May 15th via

was rustled from sleep by J. but it`s ok because he`s making hearty breakfast, coffee & I`ll use the internet before my shift at fluff&fold.
6:31 AM May 15th via txt

working at the "fluff & fold" (secret codename!) 5 hour shift on Saturdays (under the table) for about a month now. Coin jar money.
1:06 PM May 15th via Seesmic

doesn't like handling dirty clothes (obsessive hand washer as it is) but folding clean clothes & bagging them neatly is oddly rewarding.
1:08 PM May 15th via Seesmic

No. This isn't my long-term plan. I have panic attacks prior to starting work. Once here, I'm fine. Prep for return to college in September. 1:10 PM May 15th via Seesmic

It doesn`t have to be a good job to be a good learning experience.
2:12 PM May 15th via txt

Outside during quick break earlier.
3:58 PM May 15th via Twitpic

The ice cream J talked me into getting won`t wipe our asses this week when we run out of toilet paper. I guess we could always use the cats.
5:30 PM May 15th via txt

@jjmk1978 I'm so proud of you for getting out there &doing it. Since you've greased my bike chain we'll be able to get saddle sore together!
10:27 PM May 16th via web in reply to jjmk1978

We`re on swings at Bright Street Playground!
6:48 PM May 17th via Twitpic

won't get pics & vlog up before midnight (EST) today but it's in the works. met up with @jjmk1978 after his shift &wandered about for hours.
11:59 PM May 17th via Seesmic

took awhile but sorted thousands of Toronto photos (back to 2007) into 5 separate sets (in chronological order).
3:24 PM May 18th via textwit

Our bicycles outside @ Queen & Lee. (& i video`d!)
10:17 PM May 19th via Twitpic

wow, that last TwitPic was about 4 hours too late. Bit slow, aren't we Telus?
10:42 PM May 19th via web

enjoys matt smith immensely but nostalgic for #10. Greatest Moments:
11:49 PM May 19th via textwit

swears this isn't meant to be a celebrity plug but @JimCarrey's website is one of the most awesome ones I've seen in a long time. Well done!
1:08 AM May 20th via textwit
---> His twitpics are great, too.

Me: "See, giving me the internet is a good thing!" / J: "Yeah, it's bringing you out of your shell by giving you a new one."
9:12 PM May 20th via textwit

Parting words I sometimes say: "Next time, you talk!"
1:55 PM May 21st via txt

he brings me flowers... still... aw! (& he cooked dinner again!)
9:32 PM May 21st via TweetPhoto

My Top 3 Weekly #lastfm artists: Ladytron (26), Kathleen Edwards (17) and Air (14) #lastfm music
7:02 AM May 22nd via

It`s 12:24pm EST. Going to Toronto Islands today!
12:27 PM May 23rd via Twitpic

We finally got off the island. It was all a dream.
7:00 PM May 23rd via Twitpic

On a queen streetcar heading east to the beach/es (home) after sharing most of the day with J, Emily & Aaron. Many photos & video clips!
8:07 PM May 23rd via txt

@ChrisW357 I was thinking the same thing today when I watched the latest episode! I wanted to know what was going to happen next, NOW!
1:17 AM May 24th via textwit in reply to ChrisW357

iPhone Maker Suffers 10th Death THIS YEAR, Workers Made To Pledge They Won't Commit Suicide
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CND penny may be out of circulation w/only 5 years to cash them before they're worthless. First made in 1858, we'll be finding them in 2858.
6:28 PM May 26th via textwit

Brett Michaels on 'American Idol' J: "The guy's immortal." Gotta say I think the standing ovation's deseved. Surviving & thriving, man.
9:11 PM May 26th via textwit

vloggerheads has been down all day = my vlogs are inaccessible. dammit, does this mean i have return to youtube where i rarely get views?
11:12 PM May 26th via textwit

Never discourage anyone who makes progress. No matter how slow.
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what I eventually do w/ my roses all the time now.
6:33 AM May 27th via Twitpic

People singing @ the pravilion near Leuty to moon.
10:30 PM May 27th via Twitpic

went for a ride on our bicycles yesterday. J & I were gone for 3.5 hours. Not bad for the first long route. Sore but happy. (more, plz!)
12:08 PM May 29th via txt

It's Quit Facebook day, right? I'd quit it but then how would I get invited to all the events I decline to attend?
11:11 AM May 31st via textwit

If any one man is responsible for the oil spill, that one man is not Barack Obama.
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