May 14th, 2010

come outside no!

Aw crap. Guess this means I better go outside, eh?

On May 11th, I received an email about a possible partnership with another Toronto blog. Seeing as how I'd like the exposure, that I like to dabble with writing & photography and could use the experience, I said sure, I'd love to be a contributor.

Today, Patrick of ( wrote,

It's go time, Amber!

Haha! Don't freak out. [...] You might think personal is boring but you'd be
surprised to see how many people are interested in knowing how a downtown
Torontonian lives. Pictures of blossoms / crowds / fashionable people /
architecture are always killer -- a snap a day is as simple as it could be
if you want to get into the habit. With proper encouragement, everyone
improves. :)Once people started to comment on the frickin' sweet potato
fries I'd made that day, I knew there was a market for this.

I just try to keep in mind that the audience is international so it's
necessary to add a little extra explanation sometimes. The CN Tower, yeah,
most people will know it and if not they can look it up. Tough titties, I'm
not explaining. But Uncle Joe's Butcher Shop down the street, that probably
doesn't have a website so it needs a bit more info. Sometimes it's enough
to just say "Uncle Joe's Butcher Shop down the street". I like to pretend
I'm talking to cousins overseas.

Well, that's it. You're live!

So, long-time readers, what do you want to see? I could take photos, make videos and maybe even write something! Anything you're curious about? LJ friends & lurkers get first dibs on suggestions.
----> Leave a comment, send an email: or text message me (free through LJ!)*

I intend to get out there today (a video for vloggerheads is currently being converted and I want to take a break from burning my cd collection to itunes) and I think going for a walk would be a great excuse to put off washing dishes ---

Here's hoping 'll have something post-worthy by tomorrow!

* I actually do have ideas for posts in the works but they involve interviews & upcoming events & some photo adventures that won't be happening quite yet.