January 13th, 2010

we are all mad

poem: i eat eggs

i eat eggs
i eat eggs florentine in a diner on
queen street east - back corner
booth and a fruit juice smoothie
then a thought / reminder / how

he introduced them to me one
summer at squirly's on queen
street west, the distance btwn

us: planets, galaxy, a streetcar

but this is here, now, no longer:

i'm not in love with you anymore
but these blips sometimes happen
glitch / an error / synapse / failure

i want to recall only relevant memories
that don't hurt or put me in places i don't
want to be and i want to experience love

another way - let traces of us disintegrate

the television above a corner booth is mute
on CNN. the only thing happening on earth is
in Haiti - an earthquake with thousands dead

i eat eggs.

- adp, 13 January 2010