November 20th, 2009

alice lost in labyrinth

[wsib case update]

WAIT! If you have no idea what I'm talking about when I mention my "WSIB case" or my "claim", there's an explanation in dialogue form that can be read here!
(you're welcome!)

Recently, I was quite upset when it was suggested that I should have to prove medically why I would want to change from the Health Office Assistant program and pursue something more applicable to what I want - Archives & Records Management - especially after everything that has happened throughout the duration of this claim - the mishandling of it by WSIB since the first claim was approved in 2000 - and I think my emotional (yes at times surprisingly rational) statements reflect this.

i don't see how it's possible to have a doctor or psychiatrist be able to say that any particular vocation will cause me to have an allergic reaction and thereby increase my anxiety unless they are informed about allergic contact dermatitis, my specific allergens and knowledge of every job out there, or even just minimally the ones I am interested in. This is a ridiculous and hopeless thing for her to request, obviously for which I have no one who can support me in this - and surely anyone you contact will say the same. Even my doctor doesn't have the time to research what can and will affect me in that matter. That's stupid. And I think it's putting us off track, as well.

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Here's hoping for December!

Whether I win it or not, I would very much like this waiting to be over with.

Tom Petty was right when he sang, 'the waiting is the hardest part' - for real.