September 24th, 2008

alice lost in labyrinth

things are going to change, i can feel it.

Near the end of my dream I noticed War of the Worlds aliens coming up over the hill in the distance. People were starting to scatter in terror and it was then I noticed Cliff had left me.

Out of nowhere, I noticed my old friend Beverly* heading quick toward a tent so I went to her and hugged her tight, telling her that I miss her and that I've always liked her and that I'm so happy for her. She was with her wife and they said they had a place to go, that they'd be fine. They were cheerful as they gathered things in two small backpacks for each other. I had this thought that they weren't going to just run off somewhere and hide, that they would likely only need to hold each other and disappear like magic into some safe place away from all the horror.

I thought about how I had that magic once too but it was lost in my chasing after the ones who abandon me.

* I seem to dream of neitherday at turning points in my life - times where things are about to change.