June 27th, 2008

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Writer's Block: LJ Comments

Are you more of a comment-receiver or a comment-maker on LiveJournal? Why?

(as of 27 June 2008)
Posted: 7,181 - Received: 6,096

It looks pretty close but this is not entirely accurate.

Over the years I have deleted many entries - even ones where I received a lot of comments! - and there have also been countless comments deleted (rare, but it's happened). I have bursts of commenting in other journals but I'm sporadic and neglectful in this area.

I've never expected those who are on my LJ Friends list to comment although many people do have that requirement and I understand it from the perspective of wanting feedback or to know who is actually reading you but I don't think it's the best guage. I've learned that people can comment without reading you and read you without commenting.

The main reason why I don't expect / demand people to comment is because I suck so much at commenting myself.

Also, I'm one of those quiet reader types, for the most part, and realize that there are other people like me who probably read or skim my entries but don't know what to say even when they think they might want to drop a comment. There are only so many internet hugs one can give and there's often not enough time to write deep & thoughtful replies if you're following a lot of journals. It doesn't mean I'm not reading. It doesn't mean I don't care. Vice versa, I know.

I read other blogs that I've found through blog social sites (like BlogExplosion) or by other means and I noticed that commenting is of higher importance. In the past, I've felt moved to write something (especially re: political things on Matthew Good's blog) but then there are times when I honestly do want to say something because I relate to some of the subject matter or find the post particularly interesting but feel too shy to say something - Raymi is one that falls under that category for me a lot lately! - this also happens in regards to many of the longtime people on my LJ friends list too, go figure. Even when comments seem to be expected of me through the social sites, I fall short of expectation.

I don't think commenting - the number of comments accumulated or the amount dropped - should matter. The content, for me, should be reason alone to write. I would like to think that posting comments doesn't make any difference but it does. I know that if people hadn't commented at some point or another, an exchange of words wouldn't have taken place and friendships (or internet acquaintance-ships) would not have happened. I've made some connections online and the majority of it has been through this journal. I do not want to say that comments don't matter because that would devalue the impact this has had on my real life.

There are times when I'm very slow to reply to comments. It could be that I'm thinking about what was said or I don't want to return to that post at this time or I'm just feeling lazy. This is not a good way to be if you want to be a "good" blogger but everyone has their quirks. I read every comment I receive and I'm thankful that people took the time to write something and that is why eventually (sometimes months later!) my comment reply appears when I do a marathon crawlback through the archives to respond.

I enjoy the social aspect of commenting but I don't want to be dependent on the comments or else I'll become even more self-conscious about how basically I'm standing in front of an audience reading my journal out loud. This probably sounds strange from someone who has posted 'tit pics' but honestly, I still feel the pressure of filtering myself at times and it's more awkward then the thought of someone seeing 'too much' of me. The times I feel the worst are when I'm not posting anything at all because I'm wondering what readers will think of me if I write this or that, forgetting that the reason why they read me is (I would hope) because of what I post.

All that being said, comment on this post or else you're not my internet friend anymore.