April 30th, 2008

alice lost in labyrinth

Writer's Block: Personality Trait = Trouble

What personality trait has gotten you in the most trouble?

(10:47:16) goldmourn: what's my worst personality trait?
(10:47:22) the boyfriend: what?
(10:47:41) goldmourn: what's my worst personality trait?
(10:48:13) the boyfriend: no
(10:49:19) goldmourn: oh come now, i'm not trapping you, it's an LJ writer's block thing.
stubbornness? lack of tact re: sexual innuendos? personality flaws like social interaction incorrectness? impulsiveness? argumentative? etc?
LJ wants to know what gets me in trouble.
(10:53:49) the boyfriend: no
(10:54:11) goldmourn: blurty bluntness?
inability to recognize when i make people feel uncomfortable?
i could go on all day if you don't help me.
(10:55:06) the boyfriend: stop
(10:55:06) goldmourn: my not-knowing-when-to-stop ?
my tendency to dwell in self-pity?
my trait of sleeping instead of confronting the fears of the day?
my lack of tact when it comes to recommended socialized behavior?
my constant dialogue, in my head & out,
of how fat I am without actually truly having the guts [pun intended] to change it?
my indignant belief in being right when I'm almost always wrong?
my excessive worrying about things I can't do anything about?


This was a depressing 'Writer's Block' exercise. I noticed how there were a number of people who did the, 'oh, my worst trait is how I just do so much good & blah blah blah'. It was WORST personality trait, not 'HOW I AM A FRICKIN' SAINT'.

oh, and jumping to conclusions / making assumptions / & so forth.