May 9th, 2006

alice lost in labyrinth

expression & zines

I received my zine order from sweet candy distro today, yay!

goldmourn (5/9/2006 3:20:54 PM):
i adore the zine movement. i love all these people expressing & sharing views & art & words & by hand -
i also sometimes buy independent print publications - i have some political activist books & some poetry - for instance, i bought 'Rusty String Quartet' (through a distro order from Valiant Death Records) & was blown away by 'Raegan Butcher' & his poems. I just now received his first book (or the book written previous to the one I already have), "Stone Hotel" - can't wait to read it. His words are raw.
yeah, that's the thing about zines, too. They're raw.
& whatever distro I order from, I get "The Pleiades" - it's a zine Miranda does & it's amazing. Even if I already have the issue, I still order one from the distro.

the boy says to me, he says (5/9/2006 3:30:06 PM):
my question has always been, what does all this expression mean?
or, why? it's amazing to witness, really.

goldmourn (5/9/2006 3:36:34 PM):
well, what does anything mean?
this typing? talking? loving?
your work? your family? your life?
nothing & everything, right? I think zines & independent publishing is important. You know why? it's saying, 'this is what we see, feel, think' - smack down on all the media & glossy magazines you're fed.
relating to someone (or not relating but finding understanding) in words scrawled down by someone somewhere else - it hits me.

(hits me in a good way - evokes response, feeling, inspires thought & such)

* the above bit of convo has been altered & edited.