February 25th, 2006

alice lost in labyrinth

& it all comes back around eventually.

background story: you wouldn't believe it - it's too bizarre. i've a lot to explain about this one. & yes, I specifically asked certain questions because I've wanted to know for the longest time what he'd say. After this conversation, I was rather ill in the washroom. It's pathetic & sad that he'd think I'd be that stupid, again. The other night I was IM'd out of nowhere by Ric. (Long-time old-timer's on my friends list, no worries, this was not Guy contacting me). I shared this conversation with two of the other women who had also been his girlfriend at the time while he was telling me all this bullshit. They wanted to know some things (they haven't heard from him for months, either) which is why the conversation went on like it did. Months ago, when I unwittingly unraveled that he not only had a live-in girlfriend, but nearly a dozen (at least, that we found & counted!) online relationships happening simultaneously with none of us any the wiser, well, of course I was then (again) labeled as psycho. He begged, pleaded and attempted to continue to manipulate each girl to believe him and he put the blame on me as just being the liar. It was sickening. This all went down just before I ended up in the hospital on I.V. for a week with gallbladder infection - actually, the hospital was a break from the huge dramafest that it turned out to be. Basically, it became a mission to tell the truth to all the girls & women we could find that were being lied to by him. If this happened on LJ instead of Yahoo, you can bet it would have been a serious thing for the fake investigation communities. On the positive side, I've developed a close friendship with some people out of all this and friendships are always a good thing so yay for that. If you do happen to read this, don't cringe when you read me saying something that seems like I was giving him the time of day - I know well enough he's likely a compulsive liar. Also, he's a dumbass. Then again, so was I. This was one of those "you think you're in a relationship with someone on the internet and it turns out it none of it was real" things. I have a feeling this happens way more than it should.

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