May 24th, 2004

alice facepalm


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You tell me that silence
is nearer to peace than poems
but if for my gift
I brought you silence
(for I know silence)
you would say
This is not silence
this is another poem

and you would hand it back to me.

- Leonard Cohen
alice facepalm

Spring Flowers

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Spring Flowers

Apple blossom rises through
the news of war

a single branch

I am surrounded by these flowers

lily-of-the-valley in a glass
stems tangled like Ophelia's hair

and white narcissus, petals
beaded like a lover's flesh
or grass at morning

on the battlefields

These flowers
drink news out of the air

a star falls through the kitchen
and a mixed bouquet
of violets and primrose

as if war

the fighting in the desert and the smell
of oil and cordite, roar
of tanks, were but a myth

like flowers
and literature

and mounds of pale forget-me-nots

and mounds

I am surrounded by the war

- D.G. Jones