May 23rd, 2004

alice lost in labyrinth

Reminder of Rwanda

{Music: CBC Radio One describes it as... "An African Guitar Summit: Alpha Ya Ya Diallo joins Pa Joe, Mighty Popo, Madagascar Slim and others in concert"}

I tuned into the program on the stereo a bit late. Before each song, an introduction or little story is shared, and I so happened to hear the rwanda massacre mentioned, and it made me think of this journal entry.

I was moved. The song began with sorrowful strings but then the musicians started clapping like the sing-song chants we would do in the schoolyards of our childhoods... and I pictured children barefoot in the dirt, singing & holding hands & spinning in circles, dancing & playing & being children.... and then I thought of the blood, the bones, the genocide.

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    CBC Radio One, An African Guitar Summit
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