December 30th, 2002

doctor who places you will go

a spell around the room to protect them

from dreams I had the other day...

I remember a woman on the floor - dressed in a gown and having people sitting on that wooden raft/boat with her. She had done a spell around the room to protect them but I walked right through it. She had been mean and spoke badly of me, looked down on me, but I said to her, "yes, you do have power and potential but you are so into putting on a show and making/expecting others to follow you, that you defeat your purpose. That is why I could walk right through it." (Those weren't exact words but main idea and feeling of it) And then I put a protective spell around the entire raft/boat, which had to be expanded throughout the dream, and made it so that it was all protected, not just the one room, a selected few. Thinking back, I believe in most of the dreams where I do spells, that they are protection ones. Interesting, eh? So there I was, wearing my jeans and not looking impressive at all, and I stood up to her. She did not speak badly or make fun of me anymore. I walked through her wall like it was nothing because it was made with wrong intent - to show off - not to protect. I stayed in bed most of the day dreaming - a lot of things happened and I mentioned it briefly in a journal entry yesterday without going into details - but this was something that stayed with me.