November 17th, 2002

alice lost in labyrinth

poem: I remember therapy when I was hospitalized

I remember therapy when I was hospitalized
in the children's psychiatric (haven) --------
play therapy. People watched me bored with
toys from behind the clever window of glass
disguised as a mirror. mirror of deception

Their deduction: The anorexic girl was afraid
of the dark - that or being sexually abused
by her father - which was not even close
to the reality that was my existence. As
soon as my dad would leave for work, my
step-mother would beat me, flesh and mind.

Yeah, way to go Professionals. Hospitalized
nearly a year and you conclude that I was
afraid of the dark? Where did you come up
with that one? Truth is, I couldn't sleep if
even so much as a crack of light from the
living room would reach my bedroom floor.

Why didn't they just ask me what was wrong?

No one ever asked me what was wrong.