June 22nd, 2001

doctor who places you will go

written offline and online

Thursday, June 21, 2001

Well now, I sure did let this room get messy. Gee, ever hear of putting away your clothes, Amber? And to think there was a time that I couldn't stand to see a piece of clothing on the floor. I really must clean this in the morning. Plus, the four poster bed is supposed to be coming here sometime this weekend, mayhaps even tomorrow night. Not so sure that it will be set up this weekend, but I should make the bedroom more presentable nonetheless.

When I finally signed offline I notice the voice mail message flashing. For some reason I had hoped that Guy had phoned me (I miss his voice) but I didn't entertain the thought for long as I know that his situation does not allow for him to call me. Instead it was my Mom saying that she was going to call me tonight (remember?) and that she's all packed up and will be here tomorrow morning.

I had a bath today. I need to trim my toenails and fingernails still. I could have done that earlier but nooooooo instead I waste my time sitting on the net only to be disappointed because Guy wasn't able to make it back online. I'm guessing that a storm is happening there or something like that to prevent him from being able to go online. Or he fell asleep but with his sleeping habits lately, that would be doubtful. I miss him. Flashbacks of the two of us - having sex, making love, holding hands, doing things together - have been entering my mind a lot lately. Sometimes, when I'm in bed, it makes me want to cry, other times well... I... miss him.....

So Seth Green was in my dreams last night. Woooo Hoooo. I had adventure scary dreams and there was this point where everyone decayed and I was going through rubble and such and well, it was a vivid and interesting dream. Scary and gross at times. Other times, it was very talkative. I just found his official homepage and he looked exactly the same. Hey, one of his favorite movies is "The Shawshank Redemption" - imagine that. The thing that surprises me is when a celebrity appears in my dream because I am not the type of person to obsess about any. I'm not a "fan" type of person, meaning, I don't collect information on them or put up posters or learn every fact and detail about them. I appreciate their work and yes, I may collect movies with certain actors/actresses in them but that's about as far as I go. I wonder why these people pop into my dreams then? What it means? That is what leads me to believe that the strangers in our dreams are actual real people that we don't know... It would be neat if these people were dreaming similar dreams and I'm one of the strangers in them. There was so many people in the dreams I had last night though. A lot of characters. Some people I knew and some I didn't. Well, enough about that.

Mom will be moving in today. I know I already mentioned that but I phoned earlier and she's packing up the car and she said something about paying half the rent when she stays here. That'd be nice....