February 22nd, 2001

alice lost in labyrinth

poem: balance


I've been searching for God again
looking for balance
a way to level out my life
looking for Him in the gospel music
that stirred me to shaking my tambourine
cause it's been a long time comin' and
this change, well, it's still not come
been so long since I called out His name
and I've been too stubborn
to cast all my cares upon him
but we've got to work something out
you see, I knew the Bible cover to cover
but then the reading didn't stop there
learned that things weren't right
when I was told that everyone is
going to hell that doesn't believe
in God, well let me tell you,
a lot of us have already been to
hell and back and I don't see how
any church can be more right
than another
since then I found my Mother
the one denied in the Book
and she makes more sense
and connects us all
so I'm thinking that You're both
one and the same and that
most of the problems in the world
come from those who keep
splitting you up
separating Him from Her
it just doesn't jive
everyone knows that
there's a good and bad side
don't tell me what I should
believe in, this is a personal
journey that we all have to take
I traveled it hard for many years
then got off the road
been wandering in the woods
for some time now
and so I'm left here
somewhere in the middle
trying to figure out
where I should stand
to make it all balance out

ADP 22 February 2001 7:48pm