December 29th, 2000

alice lost in labyrinth

poem: Doctor's Care

Doctor's Care

He must not allow himself
to worry about his patients
referring to the past
where work made him ill
He tells us that
when he retires he will forget us
does he repeat this to himself
I have learned it can be possible
to care too much if you are one
who cares for many while neglecting self
He stated firmly that he can only make
recommendations to patients and then
it is up to them to take care of themselves
Still, he stood there
when it seemed that he would leave
"I wish I could do something to help you"
he said to me and I replied,
"I just want this to be over"
my father, in the waiting room,
asks me why my eyes are red
again, the answer already known.

29 December 2000 ADP