October 12th, 2000

alice lost in labyrinth

poem: a night for dreaming

a night for dreaming

I suggested that we go to bed early
so that we might get more sleep
but instead we turned in our blankets
- you in the comforter and I
in my unzipped sleeping bag -
once in awhile we would face
and our eyes would be aware
with the whites of them seen
by the light of a lampost
sneaking up on us over the lawn
You moved from the mattress to the
washroom, trying not to disturb me
but I awoke as you stirred
and waited for you to return
I changed my breathing to match
yours - moments later when I realized
you were beside me again - I settled
my leg over yours and my bottom pressed
against your side as we moved in and
out of sleep... by morning we gave up.

ADP 12 October 2000